Exceptional Minds Launches 2019 Virtual Private Tutoring Program at CTNeXpo

Exceptional Minds Expands Virtual Private Tutoring Program

Its Virtual Private Tutoring program is modeled after the Exceptional Minds program that has prepared animators and visual effects artists on the autism spectrum for careers at Marvel Studios, Cartoon Network and Warner Bros Animation.

Exceptional Minds is launching its 2019 Virtual Private Tutoring (VPT) program during the CTN animation eXpo held at the Burbank Convention Center today.

Exceptional Minds is a nonprofit academy and working studio for adults on the autism spectrum who are pursuing careers in animation and visual effects (VFX). Its three-year Full-Time program includes both technical and professional skills training and provides a critical bridge between high school and employment for animators and/or VFX artists on the autism spectrum.

Graduates of the Academy have gone on to careers at Marvel Studios, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros Animation. Graduates also participate in apprenticeship and paid projects at the Exceptional Minds Studio in Sherman Oaks, CA, where they have completed VFX and animation work for the Los Angeles Zoo, ILM, Sesame Workshop, Netflix, HBO, and Special Olympics, to name a few.

Exceptional Minds’ Virtual Private Tutoring program is modeled after the Academy’s successful Full-Time curriculum as a self-paced, individualized program for animators and VFX artists on the autism spectrum. Potential VPT students can take lessons to work on digital projects for personal or professional aims, to learn the fundamentals of digital arts, animation, and VFX, or to apply for Exceptional Minds’ Full-Time program.

“We have students move to the Los Angeles area from all over the world to attend our program. Not everyone can make that move, and we hope that by offering Virtual Private Tutoring, we can extend that same success to other young animators on the autism spectrum, wherever they are,” said Ronalis Naveo, Exceptional Minds Manager, Outreach and Communications.

In 2016, Exceptional Minds animators were nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award and received the Joan Ganz Cooney Award from Sesame Workshop.  

CTNx is hosted by the Creative Talent Network and is attended annually by students and professionals alike during Burbank’s Animation Week.

For more information, go to www.exceptionalmindsstudio.org or email jill@exceptionalmindsstudio.org.

Source: Exceptional Minds